Cat ba island - Vietnam 13-16 February 2019


Cat ba island is off the coast from Ha long bay. This trip was just to be a couple of days in length. The main excursion was a boat trip around the islands and no time to paint.

We took a private tour and were treated highly to a cooked-on-the-spot meal on the small boat. Then a laze around a small island and back via the floating village. These seem to be places where people live and run small fish farms. Each has a dog. These are not just small dogs but qiite large growly fiercesome things roaming around the pontoons quite freely snarling and showing their teeth at us as we went past. This seems to be their only excercise and we weren’t about to go on board to give them more. These animals are important and protect the farmers livlihood in an important way. 


Ducks in a bag - close feathership. Duck is often on the menu and these were waiting on the quayside on the mainland to go over to the island for a certain death. Nevertheless in the short term they seemed quite happy in the bag but definitely the future wasn’t rosy.  

The area has many large tour boats but many seem to be quite old with signs of added glory. 

And now to Hanoi.